FumoPrep Ltd was established in 2006 and operated in Mórahalom Industrial Park till 2013, when following a change in the ownership the laboratory moved to the El-Tech Center in Budapest.

Due to a major investment in 2007, the company has set up a modern analytical laboratory, equipped with gas chromatograph, GC/MS, liquid chromatograph with Corona Cad and diode array detectors, as well as triple quadrupole LC/MS. As far as operation is concerned the company is an analytical service laboratory, where the excellent quality is guaranteed not only by the instruments that fulfil a wide range of task requirements, but also by a qualified and experienced team of experts working on the field for decades and a quality assurance system that meets the requirements of the highest standards.

Presently the main profile of the company includes eco-toxicological, pharmacokinetic, and other pharmaco-analytical measurements. Furthermore the company provides analytical consultation, structure determination of organic compounds and unknown impurities as well as development and validation of analytical methods.


  • precise measurement of impurities and harmful compounds present in the environment as a result of human activity
  • fair and flexible relationship with clients and customers
  • utmost compliance with present and future needs and challenges
  • continuous development of the present quality assurance and monitoring system
  • to provide the best solution for the analytical challenges of our clients